The City Council has begun the process of evaluating our Water and Sewer Utility for the purpose of possibly selling the utility.  The information contained on this page includes all of the reports commissioned and actions taken to this point.  There will be a series of public meetings and opportunities for public input and discussion in the coming weeks and months.  If you have any questions about the information contained here, or about the process itself, please do not hesitate to contact: Michael Theokas, City Administrator, at 845-1300 ext. 120, or [email protected].

November 2016 Presentation

April 27, 2016 Public Hearing Presentation

Message from the City Clerk: “This public hearing will take place on Wednesday, April 27th, at 7:00pm, in Council Chambers located in Woodbury City Hall, 33 Delaware Street, Woodbury NJ.”

Resolution 15-79

Resolution 15-158

Resolution 16-58

NJSA 58-30

Emergent Condition

Woodbury System Evaluation and Capital Improvement Plan

Woodbury Utility Rate Study

Woodbury Utility System Valuation