Mayor Harry R. Riskie

The Mayor of Woodbury

Harry R. Riskie

Ron Riskie was elected as Mayor on November 2, 2010 and was sworn-in at the Reorganizational Meeting of Mayor & Council on January 3, 2011.

Ron Riskie was first elected to serve as Councilman in 1979, and served as Council President from 2004 to 2006. Mr. Riskie, born and raised in Woodbury and a graduate of Woodbury High School, earned a B.S. in History from Union College in Kentucky.

He is currently employed as an insurance sales manager with AON Corporation.

Mayor Riskie is a member of St. Patrick’s Church, and he and his wife Rita have two sons, Ronald and Timothy.

Phone: 856.845.1300 ext. 137
email: [email protected]

Mayor’s Message at the January 3, 2012 Reorganizational Meeting
It is with great pleasure that I greet the Citizens of Woodbury as we begin 2012.  We have come far in a short time. With the position of Economic Development Director created, we now have retail & redevelopment opportunity especially with food sales & restaurants. I want to thank  Ronda Abbruzzese our Economic Development Director for her dedication in bringing forth these opportunities. We have met our goals in 2011! I want to thank the Council for hiring Ronda.

I invite citizens to visit our City. It is an exciting time. Woodbury is on the road to recovery. The clock project that was implemented last spring will be accomplished soon. We are grateful to all who have contributed. We appreciate the support W.O.R.C. has provided under the leadership of Heidi Louis and Barry Hall.

Lets be certain what we have done in 2011! At the start of last year, we asked for a City Economic Development Director. We obtained that in late July. We set a goal for a Parking Authority. That was implemented by our new administrator Karl Kinkler. Karl has done an outstanding job. Karl, we thank you. We worked with Underwood Hospital to establish a “Live Where You Work” program. We expect progress on this in 2012, as we develop it. We set a goal for one new restaurant: Marlene’s opened in the summer.

Sometimes, strange things, like earthquakes happen. We were fortunate not to lose the Green Building. We made it a public safety priority. We are grateful to our fire and police departments for their effort in securing this building. We now can say we have an opportunity to turn this building into a ratable, and not a  liability. We thank all who worked so hard on this, especially Ronda for moving forward expeditiously to save this historic treasure. The Council must act on this quickly, there is only limited time as we start this year.

As we move forward, we can say one thing for 2012, we said in 2011. We want you to come to Woodbury, shop in Woodbury, & stay in Woodbury. Changes will take place this year on Broad St., in buildings, and in the pride each one of us has in our city. These are the “Good New Days”  in Woodbury as I said in the October article that was published in the New Jersey Municipalities Magazine. Lets keep it going! Maybe we can play Pinochle in our library, were Jean Wipf, our outstanding director has advised me that a coffee service is forthcoming in one of the closed in rooms! People need to identify places they can gather at. The clock at the train station, and the library are two great starting points. Thru the year we want to keep it moving. Under the leadership of our new Council President ,Heather Tierney, WE CAN, & WE WILL! Congratulations Heather on your new title. You are the first female Council President in the history of our City.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2012. Time will tell . All of you should know that we are working with Woodbury High School, the School Board, and Mr. Jones, our school superintendent, to use the high school stadium more efficiently. It is my hope we can have as a starting point a rebirth in a Countywide July 4th celebration held at the COUNTY SEAT! We appreciate very much the County involvement in 2011 under the leadership of Lisa Morina & Heather Simmons.  It is my hope we can get continued support in 2012 from the County, especially to bring back the fireworks.My intention is to raise money privately to fund not only the fireworks, but also a band. It is my hope this new council will try and work with me on this. There are many suggested ideas for sharing services recently, and this should be one of them.  Private funding can also be done when we seek historic markers to recognize places of interest in Woodbury. Black history is especially important for this concept. A thanks to Gloria Holmes, a retired Woodbury teacher, for presenting this idea, and the hard work of Councilwoman Brown for augmenting it. This is a great example of teamwork.

When speaking of teamwork, we have a new team. I want to congratulate Councilman Frank Connor, Councilwoman Brown, and Councilman Trout on their reelections. I also want to welcome our newest member Councilman   Lester Lockman. Best wishes Councilman Lockman as we move forward together. Lastly, a Happy New Year to everyone. We are moving forward.

Sincerely, Ron Riskie, Mayor of the City of Woodbury.