Vital Statistics

The Office of Vital Statistics contains all vital records (Births, Marriage, Death, Civil Union or Domestic Partnership) which have taken place within the City of Woodbury dating back to the early 1870’s.

You can obtain a copy either in person or by mail. No Fax requests will be accepted.

In person

You must pay in cash only. Complete the application in full and provide a photo ID with address (Driver’s License), or, another form of photo ID and one (1) additional form of ID with address.

By mail

You may pay by Money Order or check. Money Orders can be processed immediately. Personal checks will take three (3) weeks for processing.

Mail in the completed application with the check or money order and a self addressed stamped envelope along with either a photo ID with address (Driver’s License), or another form of photo ID and one (1) additional form of ID with address.


  • Certified Copies of:
  • Birth Certificate: $20.00
  • Death Certificate:
  • $20.00 for the first copy. With amendment $25.
  • All other copies $10.00. With amendment $15.
  • Marriage/Civil Union Certificate: $20.
  • Domestic Partnership Certificate: $20.
  • Correction to birth, death or marriage certificate $20.

If you do not know the date or place in New Jersey where the event took place, contact the State Registrar’s Office in Trenton, which has all records for the State of New Jersey by date and name. They can be reached at 609.292.4087.

Marriage/Civil Union Applications

All Marriage/Civil Union applications will be by appointment only. Appointments can be made from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at Woodbury City Hall, 33 Delaware Street, Woodbury. Call for an appointment 856.845.1300 ext. 115.