City Officials


Mayor & Council    
Main phone: 856-845-1300, see extensions below
Fax: 856-845-1309
Mayor Ext.  
Jessica Floyd 137
First Ward Council Members Ext.  
Danielle Carter 558
Tracey Parker 557
Daniel Reddin 555
Second Ward Council Members Ext.  
William H. Fleming 551
Theodore Johnson Jr. 550
David Trovato (Council President) 559
Third Ward Council Members Ext.  
Ken McIlvanie 552
David Swanson 554
Heather Tierney 553
City Hall, 33 Delaware Street
Main phone: 856-845-1300, see extensions below
Fax: 856-845-1309    
Administration Title Ext.
Michael Theokas City Administrator 120
Tish Davis Assistant to the City Administrator / Community Development
Clerk Title Ext.
Roy Duffield City Clerk / Deputy Registrar 125
Fran Nigro Administrative Assistant 121
Registrar Title Ext.
Karen Chabot Registrar 115
Finance Title Ext.
Robert Law CFO / Deputy Administrator / QPA / Grants Coordinator 129
Marion Harris Assistant Municipal Finance Officer / Human Resources 139
Joy Dreyer Assistant Municipal Finance Officer / Accounts Payable 110
Tax / Utility Collections Title Ext.
Lorraine Reeves Tax / Utility Collector 119
Pam Lewis Tax / Utility Clerk / Collections 116
Cricket McNally Meter Coordinator / Collections 144
Housing / Planning / Zoning
/ Code Enforcement
Title Ext.
John Leech Senior Housing Official / Zoning Officer / P&Z Board Administrator / Code Officer 132
Stephanie Petersen Assistant Housing Officer / P&Z Board Secretary 127
Economic Development Title Ext.
Randi Woerner Director 143
Woodbury Public Library, 33 Delaware Street
Main phone: 856-845-2611
Fax: 856-845-5280    
Michelle Yeager Library Director
Jessica Schriver Library Systems Coordinator  
Woodbury Police Department, 220 S. Broad Street
Non-emergency phone: 856-845-0065
Fax: 856-845-6258
Thomas Ryan Chief of Police
Friendship Fire Department No. 1, 29 Delaware Street
Non-emergency phone: 856-845-0066
Randall Gartner Fire Chief
Joseph Buono Fire Marshal
Public Works Department
Main phone: 856-843-0892, see extensions below
Fax: 856-843-1327
Title Ext.
Rich Leidy Public Works Manager 202
Michael McCaughey Public Works Operations Manager 201
Lisa Maier Public Works Administrative Assistant 200